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The Fairway Hotel facade is part of an elegant row of Victorian houses.

The original “Kings Cross” was a 60ft high statue of KING George (1820) built in the middle of a major CROSS road and so it became known as Kings Cross.

St Pancras was a 15 year old Christian Orphan who was martyred in Rome in 303 AD.

The original St Pancras train Station was designed by William Barlow and took 6000 men 1000 horses and 100 steam cranes four years to complete and opened in 1868.

Today King’s Cross most famous export is children’s favourites Harry Potter. In the film Harry’s train leaves from King’s Cross from platform 9 and ¾ ers.

Fairway Hotel London

We invite you to make our home to your home.

The hotel has been owned by the Caruana family from Malta for over fifty years. The hotel is now being run by the third generation Benjamin and Michael.

We take pride in knowing that we go the extra mile to make your stay as pleasant on possible and with pleasure provide you with all the information you require. Together with our staff we are able to communicate in eight languages including Italian, Arabic, Russian and Spanish.

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